About the Protection Department                                         

 The protection department stands to Realize NDRA vision   which protects the rights and the dignity of IDPs, refugees/asylum seeker and Returnees, as per national and international protection standards, and to establishing effective durable solutions mechanisms in under the POCs to overcome the vulnerability and to   re-establish their lives free form discrimination related to their displacement.


                                                            COUR VALUES

We focus on the humanity and dignity of the people we help, not their nationality or immigration status

Empathy and respect drive everything we do, both inside and outside the organization as our culture and religions states

We believe that cooperation and collaboration are essential to achieving meaningful change

We are resolute and creative in the promotion and defense of POC’s

We believe that transparency and openness are the keys to accountability


                  Functions of the Protection Department                                         

  • To develop effective case management through referring, recording, supporting and fallow up.
  • Protecting of targeted groups through Right Based Approach(RBA)
  • To establish effective feedback and complain mechanism
  • To identify the most vulnerable groups from the  IDPs,  Returnees and Refugee  Communities living in Somaliland
  • To provide training and awareness about  protection to the relevant governmental institutions
  • To identified if there are violations or protection risks encountered by the effected population
  • To provide free counseling and psychosocial support to the vulnerable groups
  • To connect the most vulnerable members of the effected communities to the services that they need to survive
  • To improve the community engagement and participate through building community committee structures and empowering them.
  • .
  • Advocating  for PoC’s with specific needs and  mainstreaming for their related issues
Coordination all protection activities concerns for the vulnerable people

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